October 2, 2009

Impressed by William’s ability to fix things, handle stress and be extremely friendly at the same time #eumozcamp09

Vikings now joined by two Barcelonian warriors. #mozcampeu09 #eumozcamp09

Sören says: “Fuck the scenic route”. #mozcampeu09 #eumozcamp09

Going to see Prague now! Joined by Sören the Dane - it’s going to be a bearded Viking sightseeing! #mozcampeu09

Sören says we have had enough of pretty park pictures now. :-) #mozcampeu09 #eumozcamp09

October 1, 2009

In Prague now. Nice hotel, meeting lots of people I know, and just had great carpaccio at dinner. #mozcampeu09

September 30, 2009

Spotify announcement on Facebook: “Paypal now added for Spotify Premium”. Reaction: “but what about norwegian 7-eleven?” :-)

Have Yahoo just stopped supporting Smush.it? Uploading fails, no way to upload just certain images etc. I want it to work again!

Mental note: if I drool, it will get stuck in my beard.

What a beautiful morning! What a beautiful day! Or something… :-)